Greeting of Head Investigator

Head Investigator

Chiba University


The principal question we wish to ask is whether it is possible to realize nanoscale structures and functions using the various molecules that scientists have created so far, on a scale one or two orders of magnitude larger, i.e., on meso-scale, by assembling molecules in a hierarchical manner. By extending our research to the meso-scale, we should be able to study the structures we have created and their dynamics by looking at them directly. Also, can these meso-scale structures work without further assembly and ordering, as in the case of conventional molecules?

To answer this question, we first need to control how molecules assemble on the meso-scale and create meaningful structures. This is a very challenging task, and at first glance seems impossible. To increase our chances at success, we have gathered not only researchers who can “build” mesostructures and “see” what is possible, but also researchers who can “measure” their physical properties, “explore” their functions, and “investigate” the correlation between these structures and functions, in order to bring about an academic revolution from nanoscience to mesoscience.

We will now embark on a journey to achieve structural control on the meso scale and further explore the physical properties and functions of these “meso-hierarchical structures”. We cannot yet clearly envision what kind of science and what kind of technology will this development bring in the future. That is why we are really excited. Why don’t you join us in conquering the hierarchy and functionality of the mesoscale, and enter the unexplored realm of materials science?

We look forward to your participation.